Thursday, 6 April 2017

Time Warp

This is a multi-portrait blog, as these three are all owned by the same client, who scarily, I first worked with over 20 years ago, on one of several Hong Kong trips. It seemed like a time warp!

Nicole is now competing internationally under the Hong Kong flag, so I was delighted to be asked to do portraits of her two very smart competition horses, Scobie and Arthur, at Pau, as well as the very much larger than life Pixie!
Of course it rained on the day that we elected to photograph, and it was also the swansong for my camera, which gave up the ghost immediately after I'd finished! Thankfully, despite circumstances conspiring against me, we managed to get the photos I needed.
Annoyingly, it also meant I didn't have my camera to take good photos of the completed work, so apologies for the quality!

First up was Scobie, whose party name is 'The Navigator'.

 He is such a lovely, kind horse, and has been the most solid and consistent competitor for many years,  ensuring his place in history, by partnering Nicole to a Bronze medal in the 17th Asian Games in 2014. The link below will tell you all about that! Me, I just adored him for being so good to photograph!

Arthur, whose party name is Vihara du Causse, was a little more challenging; he was a tad bemused at being pulled out to stand in the rain, but was very good once he realised all he needed to do was smile! He is extremely handsome, with the most wonderful, expressive eye, but that is really an irrelevance, as he is such an exciting horse to look to the future with. He had a great placing at Le Lion 2016 under Kevin McNab.

The last, but not least, Pixie. Pixie was very vocal during the shoot, convinced the camera was a major threat, that needed scaring off, along with me, behind it! Because she's such a busy little person, I was relieved that her attention would switch like lightning to something else. giving me the opportunity to catch her in mouth closed, silent mode, before she gave her opinion again! The photos of this is from my phone, so really poor, and doesn't show her amazing colouring properly!

Here's hoping all three of them have a good season eventing!

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