Friday, 22 January 2016

Changes and Coincidences.

Changes afoot chez Lupton, as I've made the decision to return to Edinburgh to live.

I have a few exciting projects in the offing back in the UK, not least a portrait of a legend of the chasing world to be auctioned at Newbury racecourse on the 5th of March as part of the fundraising day for Greatwood, an incredible ex-racehorse charity. I've not done the best job at keeping the horse a secret as I'm so pleased with it and keep showing the proof to people!
Watch this space for all to be revealed very soon!

Coincidences have been flying at me from all directions, and all of them good.
Recently I was asked by a previous client to do a portrait of her new horse. It transpired he was purchased from a longtime good friend of mine who had also bred him. 

I confess I coveted this horse when he was a youngster, so was lovely to see him grown up and looking splendid. 

He wasn't the easiest to photograph, as he was convinced some stranger pointing a camera at him was pointless, and he'd really much rather be elsewhere, thanks! He was fairly determined to execute a circuit or two of the field, and much throwing some moves ensued, but eventually he gave in, and I finally had photos to work from. 

He's very very handsome, and an incredibly tall horse, so the angle of shot is slightly different to normal. 

I think it worked well, and even better, the frame that my client had chosen for previous commissions worked perfectly with him too.