Friday, 20 February 2015

Time Flies!

It's funny how the cold and miserable weather seems to drag on forever yet time flies because of everything to be done, hence I am excusing myself for my lapse in blogging below!

This winter's cunning plan was buying a wood-burning cooker to fuel my all my cooking and heating in the main part of the house by using up the glut of dead trees on my land. In November I was feeling very not only eco-friendly and smugly self-sufficient at the idea but also very chuffed with the new fire.
By mid January I was well over chainsawing tree trunks into slices and splitting them. Definitely a 'Be careful what you wish for' moment!

The horses take much more work too, so its wonderful to see a bit of sunshine and signs of spring growth, therefore back to the pictures!

The very lovely and handsome Fender was to be a surprise present for a 21st. Because his summer coat had disappeared when the piece was commissioned, all manner of people were roped in to try and find enough photos for me to work from, scouring FB pages and raiding computers.

The photo below was chosen as the main one to work from. With the finished size of the portrait using a full sheet of pastel paper, and the photo pixelating beyond A5 enlargement, it's was important to have further detail for the eyes, the coat and mud free feet.

Finally I had enough information to make a good fist of it, so I thought I'd show the easel with the additional chopped up photos to give me the extra information.

This is the finished piece, and I'm thankful to have been trusted with such a special present. In this instance, I was lucky because Fender was pretty much always Fender in all the photos.
I have taken shoots of horses where they appear completely different from either side, with their expressions switching the feel of their characters, meaning my client has to be the one to choose which is the 'sum of the parts' to portray. But I digress - working on the portrait I just always got the feel of a trusting gentle horse, who'd try his best.

I hope I've done you justice, Fender!