Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Last Week at Logis de Puygaty

Such stunning scenery on the way to the networking expo! I love this amazing fortress at Villebois Lavalette - one day I must find time to stop and explore. 

So, the week was spent inventing some form of easily portable stands to hang the mirrors and pictures on. I hit on the idea of using peeled, narrow fence posts chopped into rough-hewn ladder shapes, splashed with a bit of paint. A  sort of shabby chic idea I thought would be in keeping with the barn space, and quick and easy to make. 
Feeling pleased with my cunning plan, I failed to factor in the level of sanding needed to prevent lacerated flesh and massive splinters in my hands. 

That hitch overcome, they looked pretty good on the day, although were virtually totally hidden once the portraits were on them! At least they were stable enough to hold the mirrors - result! 

The entire day was a great success, the place was buzzing and I hardly had a minute to stop, so unfortunately there's a dearth of photographs. The idea to keep the stands upmarket worked really well, and the afternoon tea-cakes were delightful, rivalled only by the fabulous spread early evening for aperos. 

As the sun began to set, we dismantled the stands to the vocals of the most amazing singer - her voice was crystal and gold, and it was a perfect ending to a fabulous day. 

The venue was just magnificent, and the secret location for the next event in the Spring will be equally impressive. 

Happy days!

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