Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Expo at Logis Du Puygaty

I'm delighted to have been asked to exhibit at the inaugural networking meeting of Forces Féminines en Charente at the beautiful Logis de Puygaty, pictured above. It's an interesting concept having only women entrepreneurs and artists participate, and I'm very much looking forward to it.  
The organisers are aiming for an international flavour with both English and French being spoken and should be both educational and helpful for me! 

The setting is stunning, and the the place worth visiting for the building alone. It has all my favourite things in French architecture - huge arches, tiny windows and round towers with pointy roofs. 

I've been allocated the area with the two windows to the right of the archway pictured above, accessed from a doorway in the arched tunnel. There is no bespoke hanging, or any means of attaching hooks into the stone walls, so I'm working on something easily portable and hopefully in keeping with the space. 

Here's the 'before' photo - I can't really go too wrong with the gorgeous creamy stone as a backdrop, and it will look better with the cars and table tops away!

The event runs this Friday 26th, and is an invited entry, with Afternoon Tea from 4pm and Cocktails from 7 pm. 

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Summer Affaire

The Summer Affaire, run by Le Network Limousin and Living Magazine at St Junien Gold Club was a brilliantly organised event. 

Stands and boards were provided and set up in advance by the organisers and I loved that all I had to do was rock up with pictures, mirrors, hanging equipment and a helpful friend! The fabulous weather and some very tasty bacon sarnies made for a very happy start to the day. 

I haven't exhibited much in France to date, so throughly enjoyed the opportunity to meet clients old and new in such a lovely setting. The sunshine really let the mirrors strut their stuff, with the black boards making a perfect backdrop for them. I plan to have their facebook page up and running soon, so watch this space! 

In the meantime, some photos to show a small sample of them.

Because most of my work is commission only, it can be challenging to ring the changes finding new work to exhibit, so I guess the cobbler's children (my own animals) may find themselves finally on paper sooner than later.

I'm attending Forces Féminines en Charente Networking Evénement on the Friday 27th September, at the very stunning Logis De Puygaty.

More on that later. 

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Kicking Off …...

Hello, and welcome to my first ever blog.

This is my bright idea to update periodically about news of exhibitions, new prints and anything else that might be relevant or of interest. 

I'm hoping to have some decent studio space sorted out this winter, so that I can begin to work in other materials as well as continue with the portraits and mirrors. I have big ideas about playing with fused glass, and I have a longstanding ambition to create a life-sized horse from metal and glass. Who knows, having written it down, I might actually manage to make it happen!

But back to the moment - I'm looking forward to exhibiting some work at the Living Magazine sponsored Summer Affaire at St Junien this Sunday 7th September. 

It promises to be a great day out, with the weather in the mid to high 20s for the rest of this week. All the details are in the link below.

I look forward to meeting a few of you there.